In 2013, we started out as a creative agency in Detroit. We worked with businesses to produce visual content for hundreds of projects and campaigns. We loved telling stories, but we hated the manual process of planning projects, tracking progress, collecting feedback on work in progress, and getting approvals from the right stakeholders. It was slow, inefficient, and a bad experience for everyone involved. After searching for a solution (and failing), we hacked together our own inefficient process of 5-10 different software tools. We were sick of losing time and money on every project, so we decided to build a better way.

In 2015, we entered the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Seattle, and raised a seed round to build the Slope product. We publicly launched in 2016, and have a fantastic team building the best way for teams to plan, track, and collaborate on creative content.

Thanks to you, our customers, friends, and family, we can make each chapter more exciting than the last as we build Slope. We invite you to continue with us on this journey.

Thank You!

Dan and Brian, Co-Founders of Slope

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