Streamline your content production process.

Slope makes it easy for teams to plan, track, and collaborate on content.

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Producing visual content is hard. Slope makes it easy.

We know, because we started out as a creative agency. We hacked together a process to plan, communicate, share files, track progress, and collect feedback on content. It was slow, inefficient, and a bad experience for everyone involved. Slope streamlines this process by bringing everything onto one platform.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Save time and money by streamlining your workflow.

  • Improve Collaboration

    Bring your entire team together for every step of content production.

  • Drive Results

    Hit your goals with an effective content production process.

Why you'll love Slope.

Powerful features to make content production more collaborative.

  • Plan projects and campaigns with custom workflows.

    Schedule projects, assign due dates, and assign tasks to coordinate content production with your team.

  • Collaborate with anyone on work in progress.

    Work with internal or external teams to communicate with ease, from creative brief to final delivery .

  • Work through the review and approval process.

    Commenting and version control keep feedback clear and concise so teams can review and approve content.

  • Built for visual content.

    Upload, store, organize, and preview media files right in the browser, even on mobile.

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Who is Slope for?

  • Marketing Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Creative Managers

  • Video Producers

  • Designers

  • Creative Agencies

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What People Are Saying

The process of creating media at a large organization such as Microsoft, with multiple stakeholders and assets to produce, is often messy and disorganized. Slope not only helps streamline the process of managing video projects, but gives everybody involved a much more valuable benefit - time.

- Aya Zook, Principal, Microsoft Ventures

You've helped us get out of collateral approval hell. :)

- Ron Harnik, Product Marketing Manager, Scalr

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you